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Remove the engine cowling and examine the engine for visible external damage and audible internal damage.

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It should be noted, that an increase in sheet thickness alone is usually beneficial but does not necessarily remedy the conditions leading to cracking.

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The aircraft should be given a preliminary inspection when first removing the inspection covers and access panels and inspected with a moisture meter at this time.

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If a joint that has previously been bonded with casein is to be rebonded with another type adhesive, all traces of the casein must be scraped off before the new adhesive is applied. Observe the pressure indication of the cylinder pressure gauge. Commissioning and testing the enclosure, plumbing and HVAC systems.

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Where physical separation of the fuel lines from electrical wiring or conduit is impracticable, locate the fuel line below the wiring and clamp it securely to the airframe structure. Mar 13 2015 Chinese plywood cost me 2 40000 Kiwi Kayaks. They are similar to each other except for the holes in the head and shank.


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